E50 Info

E50 is a basket of 50 publicly listed energy majors that span the globe and the major sectors — from Japanese gas to American solar, from Norwegian oil to Australian coal. We will consolidate the publicly available information from these companies and present a view of the energy world from the perspective of the major players. What commodity price levels will threaten their dividend or lead to shutting in operations? Which companies are expanding too quickly, sitting on too much cash, or not locking in high cyclical levels? Our challenge is to build a long/short/option portfolio of these 50 energy majors to synthetically construct the optimal energy company that has the strongest long-run dividend. Rather than an academic exercise, we are putting our own money behind the E50 basket and using the research to give us the global strategic view that we can share with our clients.

The E50 Portfolio

Our challenge is to synthetically construct the best global energy company by constructing a long/short portfolio of 50 listed energy majors that represent a diverse mix of sectors and regions.  We include European utilities, Japanese gas traders, global oil service providers, Chinese coal producers, and many more.