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Cameco and the supply of yellow cake (part 2: Who has HEU?)

Previously I vowed to dig into the strategic stockpiles of highly enriched uranium (HEU), a secondary source of the U235 isotope that competes with uranium miners such as Cameco.  HEU can be down-blended into LEU by mixing with un-enriched uranium and processed into fuel rods.  In a future post I will discuss a third-source of nuclear fuel: recycling.

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Cameco and the supply of Yellow Cake

yellowcakeSome days ago I opened length in Cameco (CCJ), the Canadian uranium processor, with an initial belief that they could sustain their dividends and ride out the trough in U3O8 prices.  Uranium spot prices (as quoted by Ux Consulting) have fallen from $70 per pound in 2011 (pre-Fukushima disaster) to $19 per pound recently.  Cameco doesn’t deliver at these low spot prices but holds utility customers to long-term (and more expensive) supply contracts.  However, these customers would understandably like to renegotiate the level for the duration of their existing deals or threaten to find a new supplier when it is time to renew.  In other words, the plunging spot price does effect revenue.  Continue reading Cameco and the supply of Yellow Cake

OPEC meeting – wrap-up and thoughts

In an historic day for the oil market, the OPEC members met in Vienna in a closed door session and reached an agreement on 1.2 Mbpd of production cuts.  Combined with a non-OPEC pledge to cut 600kbpd (including 300 kbpd from Russia), we will begin to see inventories slowly diminish.

Yet the language leading up to today was pessimistic.  The Saudi energy minister Continue reading OPEC meeting – wrap-up and thoughts

BitWatt – intro

This startup consultancy anticipates the convergence of energy and data management as one seamlessly engineered solution. Energy is increasingly needed for computational work. The internet, with all of its necessary data-centers, is the largest growing consumer of power. By some estimates it consumes 8% of the electricity produced in the developed world with an expectation to double in 4 years. This conjoined sector is ripe for analysis and optimization.

The E50 Fund – intro

Our challenge is to synthetically construct the best global energy company by constructing a long/short portfolio of 50 listed energy majors that represent a diverse mix of sectors and regions.  We include European utilities, Japanese gas traders, global oil service providers, Chinese coal producers, and many more.