WattOptions is a one-man research group that focuses on solving two non-traditional energy challenges via entrepreneurial solutions.

Challenge 1: from a set of 50 diverse listed energy majors, construct a long/short portfolio that is best adapted to current energy trends to deliver solid earnings.  I.e. replicate a super energy major that is flexible and worthy of outside investment => E50 Portfolio

Challenge 2: The world is digitizing.  As Marc Andreessen said, everything will be software.   What is the energy corollary to this statement?  => BitWatt Consulting

To that end…

I aim to thoroughly research these exciting big system ideas and be the expert that is needed to make them succeed.   Hopefully this work will challenge a wider audience and attract supporters.

In the process, I also want to give you a clear description of the “as is”, the “will be”, and the “should be” in global energy.  Whether you are an energy manager, an investor, or a civic-minded futurist, there’s a reason to follow along on this journey.

Coordinator’s Background

I worked for 9 years for a hedge fund and large utilities on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  My specialty is optimizing energy portfolios, modelling complex and uncertain systems for decision-makers, analyzing market supply & demand fundamentals, automating trading decisions, and pricing structured option products.   In university I studied chemistry, economics, and mathematical finance.