WattOptions is an independent energy sector advisory that  focuses on long-term portfolio strategy.  Via extensive research and discussion with global industry professionals we not only spotlight the emerging trends but also the looming risks and technicalogical leaps.  This wide industry awareness allows us to  help clients make better investment, divestment, and hedging decisions.  As a compass to keep us moving in the right direction, we’ve assigned ourselves two in-house energy challenges:

Challenge 1: from a set of 50 diverse listed energy majors, construct a long/short portfolio that is best adapted to current energy trends to deliver solid earnings.  I.e. replicate a super energy major that is flexible and outperforms its component parts. => E50 Portfolio

Challenge 2: The world is digitizing.  As Marc Andreessen said, everything will be software.   What is the energy corollary to this statement?  => BitWatt Consulting



Managing Director’s Background

I worked for 10 years for a hedge fund and large utilities on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  My specialty is optimizing energy portfolios, modelling complex and uncertain systems for decision-makers, analyzing market supply & demand fundamentals, automating trading decisions, and pricing structured option products.   In university I studied chemistry, economics, and mathematical finance.